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LuxFi held a NFTs Auction & Lucky Draw from September 26th to October 10th. The proceeds from this event will be used to fund our future assets-backed NFT marketplace. The campaign as a whole has been a big success, and we are grateful for the help and encouragement we’ve received.

LuxFi is over the moon to announce the official details for our upcoming Meme Contest in the community! We are delighted with all the responses to our previous events and we wanted to host a new one for all the artists in our community.

Create LuxFi or Luxury-related eye-catchy memes…

LuxFi is a real world asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury goods. But that is only the start, LuxFi has built an entirely new credit economy based on unlocking the dormant liquidity of luxury goods. …



  • 24K total followers on Twitter
  • 88.5% increase in Profile Engagement
  • 84.4% increase in likes
  • 169% increase in retweets
  • 40.1% increase in comments


  • 1984 new users on Telegram
  • 306 average daily messages
  • 9477 messages


LuxFi and TaoBao HK Join Hands to Form New Strategic Partnership…

Our exceptional NFT Auction & Lucky Draw has come to a close this October 10th at 10AM UTC. The entire campaign has been a huge success and we appreciate the support and dedication of our community. The winners of the auction and prizes have been selected. …

We are excited to announce our partnership with Sota Finance! In order to provide more payment options to our NFT marketplace users, LuxFi will be accepting Sota Finance’s governance token, $SOTA, among other cryptocurrencies, onto our NFT marketplace.

Sota Finance is a digital content NFT application with a multi-chain platform…

The world of cryptocurrencies is merging with physical goods and services. For a long time, crypto-assets were relegated purely to the realm of the digital economy, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, people can buy and trade goods and services over the blockchain. The projects tackling this exciting new frontier…

What LuxFi’s Membership can give you? Be The first to get it in our NFT Auction and Lucky Draw!
We previously announced the launch of our exceptional NFT Auction & Lucky Draw on 26th September. You have the chance to win our NFTs that are backed by luxury items, branded bags…

LuxFi is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with CorionX to support the growth and success of LuxFi’s NFT marketplace. …

Welcome our New Partners and their Community Members!
We keep expanding our network and finding more partners for our future NFT marketplace. Our 1st NFTs Auction & Lucky Draw is the greatest way to let our partners and their community members feel LuxFi, and be LuxFi, and it gives them the…

LuxFi Official

Bridging the gap between real-world luxury assets and NFTs.

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