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Retail NFT spaces are becoming more popular. For example, you can now buy a ticket to Coachella and receive your entry pass as an NFT. Gary Vee (who is that?) just hosted VeeCon, bringing together many of the biggest names and projects in the global NFT space. The physical and digital are merging, via a massive amount of activity in retail spaces using NFTs.

So now you’re wondering: what are the top NFT retail projects in blockchain?

Scan the list below to find out how in-real-life activities — and the web as we know it — are being completely redefined using NFTs and blockchain-enabled retail spaces.

The most promising retail space NFT crypto projects are:

  1. Fred Segal’s Artcade on Sunset Boulevard
  2. Infinite Objects’ NFT wall display screens
  3. Neo Tokyo, Alex Becker’s “exclusive” game-fi + NFT multi-verse
  4. Harvey Nichols’s HN NFT Vault, a semi-permanent retail environment
  5. Bored N Hungry, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)-inspired burger joint

1) Fred Segal

Designer Fred Segal has created a new NFT experience called Artcade in his Los Angeles store, and is teamed with Subnation gaming to sell digital fashion that also exists in real life. Segal’s LA storefront will display Metagolden’s latest line of fine jewels + crypto, and Segal’s in-house Streaming Studio offers live podcasts plus esports gameplay.

“Fashion, as we know, loves to have its cake and eat it, too, and there is starting to be a world in which retailers allow a customer to nab an outfit in person and score its digital twin. “What we’re looking forward to is that if you walk into Fred Segal and you buy a Fred Segal hoodie or a collaboration with one of our partners, you could possibly buy the NFT version of it and dress your avatar in it,” ~ Fred Segal owner Jeff Lotman.

2) Infinite Objects

Infinite is a company out of Brooklyn, NY creating blockchain collectibles in physical form.

3) Neo Tokyo

A project started by YouTuber Alex Becker and his crypto friends. It’s quickly become one of the most exclusive and fastest-growing avatar NFT projects around. The project has many facets and continues to release new features to participate.

Becker’s game follows a storyline of the famous Akira and Mange Series in post-apocalyptic Japan, however this time, your character has new powers and abilities, and those happen to be worth something in this game.

You can find the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Collection on OpenSea.

4) Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols has launched a new retail concept space for blue-chip NFTs, inside their Hong Kong store.

They have created the HN NFT Vault, existing as a semi-permanent retail space, in which customers can use crypto as payment. Harvey Nichols has also dropped a Clone X avatar release with RTFKT.

5) Bored N Hungry

A web3 experience for the real world, the project lets you eat with your best friends, either in the metaverse, or face-to-face, thanks to these “culinary” smart contracts. The 90-day pop-up has now become a fixed establishment.

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