LuxFi’s Token Listing on Uniswap and BitMart

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LuxFi’s Token Listing on Uniswap and BitMart

With our recent announcement of our IEO and IDO on BitMart, MantraDAO and Trustpad, LuxFi would like to take the opportunity to also announce our upcoming token listing on Uniswap and BitMart this coming November 9, 2021!

To know more about our announcement of our IEO and IDO, visit here.

About Uniswap

Uniswap is a highly-decentralized finance protocol for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Their product, Uniswap protocol, aims to secure programmed transactions between cryptocurrency tokens via Ethereum blockchain with the use of smart contracts.

About BitMart

BitMart is a digital assets trading platform that is systematically designed for the major blockchain projects. Their mission is to provide simple and secure crypto products and services. As a global exchange platform, they hope the halo of digital assets can benefit every investor. It is their vision to provide an environment with smooth accessibility and suitable entry barrier for every potential investor, making the digital assets significant.

Token Information
Total Supply: 100,000,000 tokens
Initial Token Price: $0.1

Listing Details


Date: November 9, 2021–1:30 PM UTC

Listing price: $0.1


Date: November 9, 2021 – 1:45 PM UTC

Listing price: $0.11


$LXF is the native token of LuxFi that supports different sectors in LuxFi’s ecosystem that includes but is not limited to:

  • Staking: Earn yield and win exciting asset-backed NFT mystery boxes.
  • Authentication: Authenticate the real-world asset.
  • Product Tokenization (NFT creation): Use $LXF to convert physical assets to NFTs and list on the marketplace.
  • Redemption: Redeem the physical assets.
  • Verification: Verify if the physical item is the original and authenticated asset of the NFT.
  • Providing Data: Users can provide data to enhance the data intelligence system.
  • Custodian Services: Store the assets in local custody.
  • Incentives & Bounties: Tokens can be used as incentives or bounties to reward people who frequently uses LuxFi platform for different services, participate in the development of our platform or refer friends and users in the network
  • Tiered membership: Members are sorted into different tiers based on the quantity of tokens they hold, with higher tiers providing increased benefits like coupon rebates.

Total Supply of 100,000,000 tokens breakdown:

50% — Ecosystem divided into:

  • 30% — Staking Rewards
  • 10% — Marketplace Rewards
  • 5% — Promotional Rewards
  • 5% — Partnerships

20% — Token Sales divided into:

  • 18.07% — Private round, unlock 12% on day 1, the rest of 88% with a 6-months cliff and a linear release for the remaining 12 months
  • 1.93% — Public rounds, unlock 100% on day 1

12.5% — Team Team with a 12-month cliff, then a linear release for the remaining 18 months

2.5% — Advisors with a 12-month cliff, then a linear release for the remaining 18 months

5% — Liquidity.

10% — Treasury.

To know more about LuxFi’s Tokenomics, visit here.

LuxFi is encouraging everyone to take part and support the listing. For more information, don’t forget to follow us on social media!

About LuxFi

LuxFi is the world’s first asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury assets, where people can buy, sell and invest in luxury assets using cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods. Leveraging on our big data intelligence system and unique algorithm for automated data collecting and data processing, we eliminate counterfeiting while minting an NFT on our multi-chain blockchain network. As we focus on luxury assets that hold value well and have a high reselling value, we also provide an accurate NFT pricing that is backed by real-world data.

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