KAWS, Bearbricks… LuxFi Reveals Its Best Of Collectibles

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KAWS, Bearbricks… LuxFi Reveals Its Best Of Collectibles

Dedicated collectors or hunters of special items have collected innumerable types of items. From stamps, to artworks or coins, this relaxing hobby has been an outlet for plenty, and many find themselves flocking towards the latest edition of magazines and trading cards for a taste of personal satisfaction.

A collectible can be defined as a product that is worth more than its initial release price because of its rarity and value. As an example, the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card issued by the American Tobacco Company in 1909 is one of the most popular collectibles in the world. Just recently, the card was sold for about $3.7 million in May 2021.

Here, we will introduce some of the collectibles shown next to LuxFi’s luxury products and reveal some of the best collectibles on LuxFi’s platform.

Incorporating Collectables into Luxury

Collectibles have a long history in the luxury industry with individuals placing more value into items that can retain value and possibly be resold in the future. Some categories of collectibles related to the Art market include toys, with leading brands in the trendy and pop art culture such as KAWs and Bearbricks, often collaborating with various luxury brands.


In 2017, the Museum Of Modern Art in New York officially announced that the limited-edition figurine by the street artist KAWS will be available. Artist Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS designed “The Companion”, a Mickey Mouse-like character with a skull and crossbones for a head that grew popular because of its unique nature.

Some of the most expensive KAWS include KAWS Star Wars Boba Fett Vinyl Figure from 2013 with an average sale price of over $5,000 USD, KAWS Astro Boy Vinyl Figure Red in 2012 with an average sell price of $6,013, and the legendary KAWS Star Wars Darth Vader Companion with Cape Vinyl Figure from 2007 with an average sale price of $26,481.


Bearbricks, with figures ranging from keychain-sized to toddler-height, is designed as a Japanese collectible toy and was launched on May 27th, 2001.

Bearbrick’s unique feature is that it is not connected with any brand. Along with its notable shape of a bear, its “blankness” allows the toy to adapt to any developing brand or trends. The Bonhams auction house features many versions that are redesigned by brands including Chanel, Cartier, Hermes, Coach and Salvatore Ferragamo that can cost up to $10,000 USD.

The Coco Chanel Bearbrick was designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The toy was dressed in Chanel’s signature tweed suit and pearls with an average price of $35,000 USD, making it one of the most expensive Bearbrick in history, including the Swarovski x colette Bearbrick in 2009 that has an average sale price of $20,000 USD.

Collectibles on LuxFi’s NFT Marketplace

LuxFi is the world’s first asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury assets that bridges the gap between real-world assets and NFTs.

Bearbricks and KAWS are two of the most hyped collectibles items in the industry that has shaken the world of luxury toy lovers. Both series will have special editions available on LuxFi’s NFT marketplace, selling at an accurate NFT pricing.

LuxFi is excited to welcome buyers, sellers and investors to the one of the most disruptive NFT marketplace in the world where users can buy, sell and invest in luxury assets using cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods.

LuxFi is directly working with brands and retailers. Its previous strategic partnership with the retailer So’Art, selling Bearbricks (read back our article here), shows how LuxFi can use its new technology to link physical products to their NFTs, and authenticate the products by profesional verifiers for a secure and sustainable ecosystem in the luxury industry.

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