Sharing is Caring: A Luxurious Giveaway from LuxFi

LuxFi is incredibly grateful for everyone’s support on our journey. At LuxFi, we aspire to provide everyone with decentralized financing services that would be inclusive and innovative for the luxury industry. Our team is honoured to unveil the details for our first airdrop starting from July 25 to August 8.

There will be up to 600 winners receiving up to 1000 $USDT and 3000 $LXF in prizes. Participants can be qualified for both categories of prizes and 600 winners will randomly be selected from the qualified pool of participants. The top 40 referrers will also earn an extra 10 USDT.

As the adage goes, the more the merrier. The 40 participants who invited the most friends through a referral link provided through the bot will be able to win exclusive prizes, so go ahead and spread the word to your circle!


July 25 to August 8, 2021

Prize Details:

  • 400 $USDT divided among 40 Top Referrers
  • 600 $USDT and 3000 $LXF divided among 600 randomly selected from qualified pool

To qualify :

  1. Follow @LuxFiofficial on Twitter
  2. Like & RT
  3. Join our Telegram Announcement Channel here
  4. Join our Telegram Group here
  5. Tag 3 friends
  6. Complete this bot

This event would not be happening without the support of our growing community. LuxFi guarantees to improve our decentralized financing platform for more users in the future. To know more about LuxFi’s future plans and developments, don’t forget to join and follow us on our social media channels for exclusive updates.

About LuxFi

LuxFi is the world’s first asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury assets, where people can buy, sell and invest in luxury assets using cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods. Leveraging on our big data intelligence system and unique algorithm for automated data collecting and data processing, we eliminate counterfeiting while minting an NFT on our multi-chain blockchain network. As we focus on luxury assets that hold value well and have a high reselling value, we also provide an accurate NFT pricing that is backed by real-world data.

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