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LuxFi is happy to introduce BlockHype as one of the investors of our project.

BlockHype has been in the marketing industry for almost a decade, with 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. It is also a venture capital firm that has assisted multiple startups in raising funds as well as organising international events and meetups. BlockHype helped different crypto projects raise a total of about $80 million in ICOs, facilitated the preparation of over 10 international forums, and launched meetup events with over 15,000 participants from 28 countries.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have invested in LuxFi. LuxFi appears as an ideal solution to overcome such major challenges as counterfeiting that negatively impact the luxury industry. This is why there are great prospects for them to become the leading NFT marketplace for luxury assets. BlockHype recognises the potential of NFTs in all industries and believes that LuxFi’s technology will ultimately bring out the best of it.” — Aldrich Victorino, Founder of BlockHype

In appreciation of BlockHype’s expertise, support, and collaborative efforts, LuxFi has released a new LuxApe Army NFT as a token of our gratitude. LuxFi is delighted to present it to the BlockHype team as a creative representation of our shared efforts in the crypto and blockchain space.

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