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LuxFi is the world’s first NFT marketplace that is backed by real world assets and the most popular blockchain-based web3 e-commerce platform, today offering the world’s quickest way to access luxury products using crypto-based payment methods. LuxFi carries rare, exclusive, one-of-a-kind luxury items, backed by NFTs and available for purchase instantly.

Redefining exclusivity & luxury ownership using NFTs

The base level of idea property lies in understanding the value of those items deemed to be super rare, or exclusive, namely items such as a Porsche Carrera, or a Rolex Daytona, or a Hermes Birkin bag, or a beautifully designed and manufactured Vespa Motorscooter. LuxFi offers direct access to the highest level of ownership possible, using fingerprint technology tied to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to validate property rights. Many items sold on LuxFi are one-of-a-kind, exclusive items not available elsewhere.

The defining characteristics of exclusivity can vary depending on culture, however there are now global brands that have demarcated the boundaries of premier, one-of-a-kind product lines and which together help us to better understand what exclusive really means in 2022.

Let’s examine certain products and the story behind each, so we can come to a better understanding of what has brought so much attention and so much wealth appreciation to these much-sought-after and exclusive luxury assets.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch

The deep history of the Patek Philippe Nautilus is what makes it a great one.

Designed by Gerald Genta, the Nautilus entered the market in 1976 — nicknamed “Jumbo” — as one of the world’s most popular steel luxury sport watches and taking its name from a novel by Jules Verne’s called Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Patek took a risk with the watch’s price, however that risk ultimately helped the company survive the quartz crisis. One of Nautilus’ early adverts read “one of the world’s costliest watches is made of steel.” Steel was quite expensive and in 1976, the Nautilus mechanical wrist watch, in gold, sold for USD $4000, a price which attracted the most affluent clientele.

View the Nautilus on LuxFi Marketplace

The Rolex Daytona Watch

The Rolex Daytona has a strong and storied history which makes it one of the most sought-after watches around.

The Daytona has been manufactured by Rolex since 1963 and derived its name from the 24 hours of Daytona race. The actor Paul Newman became a well-known wearer of Rolex Daytona reference 6239, eventually bestowing the watch with his name, the Paul Newman Daytona, during his racing career. Eventually the Paul Newman Daytona went out of production in the early 1970s and there exists no replacement version. In the 1970s, the original Daytonas sold for less than USD 1000; today, they sell for much more.

View the Rolex Daytona on LuxFi Marketplace

The Hermès Birkin Bag

The Hermès Birkin bag has spectacular cultural relevance and a price to match.

The bag was originally designed in 1981 for Jane Birkin by the CEO of Hermès, as he famously drafted a sketch on the back of an airplane sick bag and offered to create it for Birkin. Finally gaining popularity via the “It Bag” craze of the 1990s, Birkin bags are now world-renowned. In May 2022, Christie’s set a global record when a matte crocodile Birkin with diamond-encrusted hardware sold at auction for USD $380,000.

All Hermès Birkins are named according to their size, color, and texture and all are crafted by a single artisan, each taking 48 hours to create, and existing in 25 shades of blue. Rare Birkin bags can rival the annual return of gold and the S&P 500 Index — with an average yearly rate of 14.2%, the bag is a solid item to hold for any savvy investor today.

View products from Hermès in LuxFi Marketplace

LuxFi offers the highest quality, reliability & attention to detail for exclusive items

Luxury has come to mean quality, reliability and attention to detail, and likewise so has the idea of ownership also come to signify a deeper form of true possession. Thanks to blockchain and marketplaces such as LuxFi, the public now has the ability to access the highest quality goods available worldwide, instantly, all backed by real-world assets.

Today, blockchain and NFTs have wholly changed what it means to be a unique and authentic owner, and what follows is an era of full access to exclusive goods that would otherwise have remained unattainable to most.

About LuxFi

LuxFi is the world’s first asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury assets, where people can buy, sell and invest in luxury assets using cryptocurrencies and traditional payments. We eliminate counterfeiting while minting an NFT on a multi-chain blockchain network, with a focus on luxury assets that hold value well and have a high resale value. Leveraging our big data intelligence system and unique algorithm for automated data collecting and data processing, the value of each NFT on our platform is backed by real-world data.

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