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The Rarest Collections 5x On LuxFi NFT Marketplace

Is 2022 the year Air Jordans and blockchain technology change the way we understand greatness and true value? What makes NFTs and designer sneakers so enviable?

What makes a product one of a kind? Can blockchain technology change the way we understand greatness and true value? Apart from all other footwear, the Air Jordan brand of sneakers is probably the most famous and the most climactic in terms of where it has taken the industry of footwear and the impact it has had on the clothing industry as a whole.

If one had to explain why Air Jordan basketball shoes are worth what they are today, the answer could easily fill up a whole book.

Sneakerheads (i.e. people who buy, sell and collect sneakers in the hundreds) are already aware of this question; why would people stand in line for hours outside Nike stores around the world, other than to simply be the first to purchase the latest design of sneaker from Michael Jordan?

Why would people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the NFTs of recorded TV footage of basketball stars?

Understanding a Phenomenon: The Greatness that is Jordan

In order to understand the phenomenon of Air Jordans, we must look back at the history and career of Michael Jordan to truly fathom what has occurred since he started winning games.

Beginning with his college career at UNC-Chapel Hill, Michael’s greatness and supreme talent as a player was apparent; he won an NCAA Championship, then joined the Chicago Bulls as a guard, immediately making ripples.

People could see he was a special player, a certain type of phenom unseen before in American sports.

He would go on to become the master, a Space-Jam dunking-above-the-rim image of glory that every young basketball player around the world now emulates; he represents an empire built by his own talent and augmented by Nike and viral marketing. His athleticism has been salivated over by college coaches and recruiters and his name and number, JORDAN 23, identified by announcers the world over.

Every amateur and recreational basketballer and every rapper and athletic clothing designer has them in their mind as they go to work.

He is known only as Michael, and incarnated as Jordan; the man who won successive NBA titles and did it with the class and smooth physical prowess reserved for superhuman comic-book heroes — Jordan changed the face of basketball forever and in the process he delivered a product-line of shoes that are today the highest sought and most emblematic designer footwear the world has ever known.

Whether it is in the locker room lacing up, or on the court wiping down the bottom of the soles before teeing up, a basketball shoe is designed for performance on the hardwood court, supporting the players ankles during the intensity of the game — the ultimate utility of such an essential clothing item is obvious to anyone playing the game (try using sandals to play basketball!).

So what has pushed this simple pair of footwear to evolve so profoundly from a basic shoe made to play sports into a worldwide emblem of superstar designer status?

Social Status & Achieving Greatness: How Human Nature Explains the Value of Air Jordans

Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 F&F in green
Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 F&F in green

To understand it, we must look closely at human nature. The thirst to follow in the footsteps of greatness is a deep human desire; it is the seeking of status, of glory, of fame, of greatness; it is the association with the profound; owning a pair of Air Jordans means leveraging ones network and resources (buying Jordans sometimes means knowing the right person) in order to augment one’s social status and rank (wearing Jordans is a social cue that you’re part of the right crowd; you’re one of them).

Owning Air Jordans is anthropological and sociological in nature. In small groups, the medium of exchange can be anything but it must be understood to be worth something to a large enough group who all speak the same language of trade (in this case, people trade sneakers, basketball cards, jerseys, etc).

Understanding Air Jordans means deconstructing and analyzing the emblematic nature of team sports combined with the enfranchisement of particularly enviable qualities such as world-championship rings, titles, national and team empire-building… If we attempt to understand what has made Air Jordans so special, we find ourselves on a journey into questions that underlie the basic building blocks of our global economy and cultural identity market — questions of choice, of image, of identity, of access and of power all begin to subsume the simple question of what makes something valuable, and we’re left to face questions that we may not yet have answers for.

Purchasing a pair of Air Jordans has meant access to a special club of people, ones who appreciate the deeper value that the shoes harness. It is the same value that is now motivating luxury brands and their clientele to invest in technology that backs up their assets using the blockchain.

Branded Sneaker NFTs: Ensuring the Value of Goods by Embracing Technology

In order to ensure the value and authenticity of your goods in today’s world, you must embrace the technological advances that the internet and subsequently that the blockchain has brought. The easiest way to embrace blockchain in this regard is to learn about and adopt NFTs and allow the technology to support you as a customer, utilizing the immutable nature of NFTs in combination with the the asset-backed and data-driven tools offered on places such as LuxFi’s NFT Marketplace.

We invite you to browse our online store for the latest world class designer items available on the Beta version of our Marketplace at LuxFi; starting with branded handbags and the finest luxury watches, LuxFi will soon expand its offerings with branded shoes and fine liquor. We’re focused on bringing you the highest quality products and promulgating your consumer choices with the latest global price and buyer-sentiment evaluation tools, in addition to a range of other features.

And of course, we will offer a wide range of original Air Jordan sneakers. Are you ready to lace up? Let’s hit the court, it’s time to get this game started.

The @LouisVuitton x Nike Air Force 1 F&F in green @BKoepka

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